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Keeping Yourself Motivated to Exercise

We all know how important exercise is, especially as we age. However, the problem with exercise is the fact that it can be hard to find the motivation to keep going. This can cause many of us to procrastinate or to give up in the beginning. So what can you do to stay motivated in … Continue reading

How to Spot if your Senior Loved One Might Be Suffering from Poor Nutrition

As your premier provider of Home Care in Seattle, Washington, we help you watch over the needs of your loved ones at home. They can be your senior parents, family members with disability, or loved ones with special needs. One of the services we provide is meal preparation assistance, which is very crucial for the … Continue reading

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TriPlus Homecare: Providing Assistance to Loved Ones Who Have Mobility Problems

The common reasons why a person loses his/her ability to move are inborn illnesses, accidents, and aging. Difficulty or inability to move around will require major assistance in the early onset. In the long-term, patients might be able to learn about managing themselves but still will need help in other life areas. If your loved … Continue reading

Simple and Effective Ways to Remember to Take Your Medications

Over 80% of adults aged 65 and over live with at least one chronic disease while 77% of the population live with at least two according to the National Council of Aging. Millions of seniors live with a health problem that requires maintaining medications to improve or maintain function. That being said, medication management can … Continue reading