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How to Spot if your Senior Loved One Might Be Suffering from Poor Nutrition

How to Spot if your Senior Loved One Might Be Suffering from Poor Nutrition

As your premier provider of Home Care in Seattle, Washington, we help you watch over the needs of your loved ones at home. They can be your senior parents, family members with disability, or loved ones with special needs. One of the services we provide is meal preparation assistance, which is very crucial for the nutritional needs of your aging parents.

Your parents will need to have someone to assist them in preparing healthy meals when you spot these signs of poor nutrition:

  • Brittle hair
    It’s not just the brittleness of their hair, but they also experience increasing episodes of hair loss. Good nutrients are distributed to the different parts of our body, including our hair. When your elderly loved one is not eating sufficient nutrients, this will be evident in the way their hair looks. When your aging parent has drying hair, they may not be eating well anymore.

  • Mouth problems
    The noticeable sign on your loved one’s mouth is their drying or cracked lips. When they’re not well-fed, the tissues on their lips will not be able to protect the surface from the hard elements of the environment, resulting to cracking and bleeding.

  • Nail problems
    Just like the brittle hair problems, the nails can also be affected when someone is having malnutrition. They could have cracks or discolorations which can be an indication that they lack sufficient oxygen in the body.

  • Digestive issues
    Without good nutrition, your senior loved one can also suffer from digestive troubles such as constipation or diarrhea. These are both extremes of digestive issues that can complicate an existing physical ailment of your aging family member. Aside from monitoring what they’re eating, ensure to get treatments from their doctors as to how their digestive troubles can be alleviated.

  • Mood changes
    When they’re not eating well, they can also be very moody or anxious. This can even be a trigger for their depressive tendencies which can complicate in the long run. When your aging parents are being irritable lately, it could be because of their bad nutrition.

  • Surprising weight loss
    Some seniors can be advised to lose weight especially if they have diabetes or hypertension. But an unusual reduction of weight can indicate an entirely different scenario. When your senior loved one has lost weight surprisingly, it could be that they’re not having sufficient nutrition as they should.

Have you been checking your aging parent’s health even when you’re not physically around them? You can do that with assistance from a provider of home healthcare in Washington. Our team at TriPlus Home Care can provide you with support in preparing healthy meals for your aging loved one, as well as seeing through their non-medical needs.

Aside from providing home care services, we also extend recovery support in Seattle for your loved one who is staying at home after a hospitalization treatment. When you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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