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Fun Activities for Senior Residents with Arthritis


Many senior residents give up some of the things that they enjoy doing because of chronic conditions like arthritis. Arthritis can cause painful twinges in the hands, fingers, knees, and other parts of the body, especially when these are being used often. While some senior citizens find the thought depressing, others have come into terms with it and pursue other activities that they are fun and meaningful.

Triplus Homecare would like to suggest a few of the many activities that your senior loved ones may enjoy at home without moving around too much and exerting so much effort.

  • Reading books

    There is always something peaceful and solitary about reading books. Your senior loved one can detach from everything that is going on around them and get immersed in their imagination once they start flipping the pages of a book of their favorite genre. It can be helpful if you teach these baby boomers how to shop for books online for their convenience.

  • Listening to audiobooks

    Some seniors find it stressful to read too much because reading strains their eyes. Why not teach them the wonders of listening to audiobooks? If they have a favorite book, you can help them get the audiobook version of it. Listening to audiobooks can also be beneficial for them because they can get into the story and do other things simultaneously.

  • Painting a landscape

    When your senior loved one starts painting a landscape, it can be their form of meditation. Painting promotes mental and emotional wellness because it distracts your family member from the pain or discomfort of their condition. It can also have a positive impact on their mobility in their fingers as well making it a win-win situation.

  • Making smoothies

    When arthritis gets in the way of cooking or baking, your senior loved one can try making smoothies instead to nourish themselves with vitamins and minerals that can help fight inflammation and keep them in form. All they need are some fresh ingredients which they can peel, slice, or cut into pieces and put them all in a blender.

  • Listening to music

    Indulging in music is as entertaining as reading books or listening to audiobooks. When you play your senior loved one’s favorite set of songs, you can put them in a cheerful mood.

You can try to encourage your senior loved one to engage themselves in these activities so that they can improve their quality of living. Of course, it is also essential that you help out with the home management so that they do not have to do everything given their condition. Otherwise, you can hire a professional caregiver from providers of home healthcare in Washington for assistance.

Our home care in Seattle, Washington provides recovery support in Seattle and other services for people with chronic conditions such as arthritis. If you want to learn more about what we have to offer, you can contact us at 206-913-2942.

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